About Us

WoolLand Ltd was established in January 2011, and launched in autumn 2011 a new form of thermal wear for children 0-8 years and women. This was a huge success so in 2012 we further developed styles and made thermal wear for children from 0-14 years, more for women and also for men!

The vision is to create a coveted thermal wear brand for the whole family that stands out in design, quality and offer that little bit extra!

We make everyday clothes of the finest wool and we have a 2-in-1 concept, meaning that you do not have anything over your thermal wear. With WoolLand clothing you are dressed for the occasion whether you are in the city, in the mountains or at sea.

Spring 2015 we launched our first spring collection. This collection is also made of 100% Merino wool but we designed it to be lighter than our previous products while still maintaining the wonderfully soft and comfortable feel WoolLand Norway is known for. With its unique design, comfort and extra breathable/lightweight merino wool, it is the perfect collection for warm summer days.

Behind the brand are three women with different backgrounds who developed the concept and collection.

After experiencing many cold days all year round with children in kindergarten and kids running around in wool underwear all day, came the idea to create thermal wear in a slightly different way. It would still cover the unique characteristics of wool, heat regulation, but be designed more as casual wear with a little more exciting cuts and details. On the basis of this, WoolLand was established.

We present wool thermal wear in a much more exciting and delicate way which sets us well apart from the traditional thermal underwear brands on the market. The quality of merino wool is very high and it contains more wool per square inch compared to existing brands. In addition, WoolLand Norway thermal wear is silky smooth, itch-free, durable all thanks to the type of knit and luxuriously high quality wool we use.

WoolLand Norway thermal wear comes in delicate colours with both cute and tough details and contains twice as much wool as ordinary thermal wear. It is therefore not necessary with a garment over or under your WoolLand clothing. You have a 2-in-1 product in WoolLand thermal wear. This is what makes WoolLand Norway unique.

The products are sold only at our store woollandnorway.co.uk and some selected retailers across the UK & Ireland.

WoolLand is a member of the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI). It means that we commit ourselves to work for trade which promotes human rights, labor rights, environment and development.